I will be back in the fall gifing The Originals and even gifing Comic Con as I do not have the time right now. Thank you to my faithful followers, expect me back around October revamped and supplying this blog with beautiful graphics of the beautiful Danielle Campbell!

@thedaniellecampbell: Look at this pretty girl #starlett

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I made an icon for the Danielle picture I just posted because it’s perfect and I’m using it for my other blog. So here you guys go! 

Like if using or saved and I may make more icons later on.

"Lately, I’ve been going through lots of changes, like moving away from home, leaving my friends, working full-time, and traveling all over. It has been quite a whirlwind. My New Year’s resolution is to continue to embrace all the “new”: making new friends, exploring my new hometown…experiencing life.” — Danielle Campbell

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I have had no time to keep up with this blog, hopefully that’ll change when I’m out of school for the summer. So sorry!

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Danielle with friends.

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